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The Rock of Fish, Beruwala

By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth:30 Meters

On a gloomy rainy day we descended upon the Malugala. We had found it accidentally just off the Shark Point. And what a find! We knew we had hit gold as soon as we sank beneath the waves. At first the water seemed yellow. Thousands of Yellow Back Fusiliers were swimming around the rock. Because of the cloudy lay there wasn't much light and also the sea was filled with particles. But the food chain was in action. Huge schools of fish were forming fish balls and trying to escape hunting Blue Fin Trevally. The fish life at the rock itself as well as the blue water beyond was a treat to the eye. Here are some pictures!


A solitary Long Fin Batfish approaches us for inspection
One of may Lion Fishes we saw that day.

A homeless Slender Remora. Tried hard to hitch a hike from all the divers
present before giving up and dissapearing into the gloom.

Right at the bottom of the rock; packing a 200V punch a Torpedo Ray lies
await for an unsuspecting pray.

Malugala is one of those dive sites where you can just be in one place and just look around. The fish life is prolfic!

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