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At the edge of a shipping lane
By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth:22 Meters (and 24-35 meters at the North Ridge)

The newly disovered Serendib North Ridge area (2012)

The water is deep blue. The currents are mild. As we descend quickly to the ridge, what appears to be a monochrome landscape from above transforms to a kaleidoscope of colors. The vibrant colors of life in a lush reef. This is the pristine Serendib Reef.

Very much like the far outer reef of Taprobane - West , Serendib is a flat seascape scattered with large coral domes. These are the small cities in this land harboring a multitude of exquisite and interesting ocean life. Large Bull Rays, Whip Rays, Blue Spotted Stingrays Shoals of Surgeonfish , Unicornfish and Batfish, clusters of colorful Oriental Sweetlips and Blue Striped Snappers, Schooling Bannerfish, Mating Cuttlefish, the endearing Anemonefish and their Anemone hosts. Occasionally small schools pelagic's and a large Dog Tooth Tuna can be seen swimming quickly a away. Specially when the currents are strong; and it always the case because of its location beside a deep sea valley, a canyon forming a massive underwater river. Thus the massive cargo ships that sail uncomfortably close to the reef.

Serendib Reef is also a large area and contains an inexhaustible choice of places to explore. WIth the variable conditions posing great challenge for the diver and yet with the reward of breathtaking encounters make this one of the best dives off the shores of Sri Lanka.

Serendib, a place to be forever and serendipity like no other.

2012 Discoveries

October 2012 - In many exploratory dives around Serendib Reef we discover the "North Ridge". This a perceptible slope that changes from 35M to 24M and constitute ledge harboring various forms of reef fish such as Moray Eels, Stingrays, small Groupers and loads of Surgeonfish and Triggerfish swimming around. The ledge is in the northern part of Serendib Reef and actually runs on the eastern border of the mound. Visibility here is often around 20M and a great place to dive and feel a relaxing peace of the blue water. On the ledge is a garden of blue soft corals stretching as far as the eye can see. This is also a place where you bump in to feeding Cuttle Fishes (if your eyes are sharp enough to spot them!)




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