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Heaven on earth

By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth: 32 Meters.

Millions of glassfishes envelop this beutiful wreck

We call this "heavens gate"

Perfection is an elusive goal.

Yet in the far outer reaches of the deep blue Taprobane East waters, we believe we have discovered it.

The sea is calm. There is no wind. There are no sounds. Its peaceful and tranquil. As we descend into the deep blue waters with visibility over 30 meters; we see a dark blob take shape on the pristine white sand only to be found this far offshore.

This is one of the most beautiful ship wrecks we have seen. Standing upright on white sand, the derelict remains of this ship is about 20 meters in length.

It has no secrets. Like many other ship wrecks in colombo there are no dark holes to penetrate. Just the skeletal remains providing an oasis for vast amounts of fish life. Its a simple ship wreck. Yet its a scenic place of heavenly proportions.

A huge shoal of glass fish engulf the ship. Twisting turning and pulsating in a natural rhythm that's mesmerizing to behold. If the visibility is bad it is because of these little fishes. On the clean white sand a Stingray swims by, pauses briefly and then heads towards the deep blue ocean. Had a diver suddenly been thrust into this place; he or she would think that this was in the Caribbean.

Two napoleons suddenly appear from in between the churning shoal of glass fish. They are startled as much as the divers are startled to see them. The glass fishes had hidden each other from each other.

Its amazing to ponder that, just 45 minutes boat ride from the busy city of Colombo, we had found our heaven on earth.


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