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A scenic reef! , Kalpitiya
By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth:16.5 Meters



The rock at the Trevally Pass

Sun Light at the sand garden.

Walk on the Moray Ridge
A rocky reef on clean white sand full of nooks and crevices housing a multitude of Moray Eels (mostly Gymnathorax javanicus, Gymnathorax permistus and Sidrea Grisea). Sharing this rocky formation, perhaps in an uneasy truce, are variety surprisingly large Groupers who seem to vanish into thin air at the slightest intrusion. Lying quietly under are also Bigeyes (Glass Eyes) amongst hundreds of Soldierfish and Cardinalfish who are the keepers of the night.

The rocks that form the bar

A large Reticulated Moray arches its back in warning. We are too close.

Giant Moray

Two Morays share a crevice.
Vibrant Color
Everything seems so colorful here. This is the blessing of shallow depths (15m - 20m) and fantastic tropical weather. From the bottom we can see the world of air up and above. Beams of sun light stream down and light up teeming underwater cities. Snappers, Sweet Lips, Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Trevally swim hither and thither. Now and then a shoal of Pick Handle Barracuda pass by. A sudden cloud of dust in the sandy bottom betray a blue spotted sting ray covering itself with sand. We suddenly see a strange looking creature under the rocks. At first it appears to be a Moray Eel with a lot of big pimples but closer inspection reveals this to be a quite a large Octopus. The largest we have seen in this region. Confident in its camouflage, It doesn't budge as we approach very close.

Blue Striped & Bengali Snappers

Gray Sweetlips

A Shoal of Pick Handle Barracuda

Little Shrimp of the deep

A filter feeder, the Tube Worm scans the currents for tid bits.

A school of Herring on the bar.
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