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By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth: 14 Meters.

Adam's Peak is a famous place in Sri Lanka. Over 7000 feet tall it is the tallest mountain in Sri Lanka and a place of religious worship for people of all faiths. The Adam's Peak in Negombo, in stark contrast, is located 15 m under the Indian Ocean with no perceptible peak in sight. However, it more than makes up for this slight deficiency by being a super place to see coral (Above Left) and various fauna (Above Right). The only thing that was really out of place were a few large slabs and bricks lying around (Bottom Left). Are these the ruins of a long lost temple created to worship Adam? No one knows...

Bottom Right: Looking shockingly like the surface of the moon, perhaps the famous Sea of Tranquility, the eerie marks on the floor are reminicient of the foot steps left behind by the Apollo Astronauts in the 60's.



We were really excited to see this solitary Batfish as it reminded us of the Captain from the Irrakandy Wreck in Trinco. It wasn't as friendly and we had to wait patiently till it came within the range of the camera.

The Bergstroms from Europe on their first Open Water dive. They really had fun!
One of our favorite friends from the deep; Juvenile Porcupinefish and a Blotched Porcupinefish.

A Blennie of sorts meditates on a little rock.

A Blue Spotted Sting Ray resting under the shade of an overhang.

An Indian Vagabond Butterflyfish feeding on the coral.

A lizardfish couple position themselves for maximum camouflage by overlaying their stripes.

An Octopus trying to hide from us. This was one of the biggest specimens we have ever seen. Had we been more patient and approached the Octo a bit more gently we would have today a better shot to show you!
That Zen moment just before descending. What a lovely day! During season skies over Negombo are sunny and blue!

A school of lovely Gray Sweetlips.

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