Where there is a demand, there will be a supply.

List of restaurants in Sri Lanka that do not serve Shark Fin Soup

Killing for soup

Killing for beauty

Say NO to Shark Fin Soup.

It has no taste. Flavor comes from a artificially made cube. It has no nutrition. It is dried to the point of being just a piece of wood.

Then why do people consume Shark Fin Soup?
- Getting a kick out of eating a part of something that is perceived as dangerous.
- Myth that it is an aphrodisiac.

Shark Fin Soup Recipe
- Catch the shark and remove the hook from the mouth.
- Flay all the fins and throw the live shark back to the water.
(This is to save onboard space only for thousands of decapitated fins. The mutilated shark will slowly bleed, suffocate and die underwater. Sharks need movement to breathe. Without fins they are dead)
- For preservation, sun dry the fins for weeks. (Eliminating any nutrition whatsoever)
- Sell it to fancy restaurants.
- Boil in hot water and add a cube of flavoring.
- Serve at a premium price to fancy client.

The benefits from Shark Fin Soup to the consumer
- Bragging rights.
- Feeling of being exclusive

Left: Murder in progress. Guess who kills more of each other?

The harm to the world caused by the Shark Fin Soup industry
- Irreparable damage to a very sensitive eco system that the sustainable Fishing Industry and the Tourism Industry thrives on.
- Extinction of unique and beautiful species.

Kill a shark for fins and you will earn about $50. That's it.
Save the shark and you can earn thousands of dollars from the life time of the shark when marine tourists come to see sharks!

Visit & to learn more about this tragedy.
Help Save the Sharks. Please.

Say NO to cosmetic products using Shark Liver

Cosmetic Companies to stop using shark liver in their products. But is it enough?