These were the updates in 2004 before Tsunami 9.0.

The Dec 2004 Report: Mantas, Dolphins & Mid-Night Dives!

Reports from Hikkaduwa indicate that Mantas and Dolphins are on the move around the coast!

An end of an year is days away. Another new years eve midnight dive, this time in Hikkaduwa is in the offing.
We will organize one if we have sufficient numbers. If you are interested (and absolutely certain!) in joining contact us.

The Nov 2004 Report: Unawatuna & Hikkaduwa!

A Giant Maori Wrasse greeted us at Diyamba Kupotha in Unawatuna. A huge school of blue striped Mackerel Scad surrounded us during a dive at the Conch in Hikkaduwa. Just two things among other things we saw! The conditions are getting better and better!

The Oct 2004 Report: Start of an early season in the west coast!

Return to the great deep. We finally revisit Kiralagala in Hikkaduwa and this time with a camera. The sea would have been mirror calm if not for the gentle swells. The visibility was an average 8M to 12M and expected to get better over the next few weeks. Click here for pictures!

This dive was with the International Dive School (IDS)in Hikkaduwa. We were thrilled to find that Somadasa at IDS were working on great initiatives to educate young children in the area about the value of Coral Reefs and also doing small scale research projects on regenerating coral using artificial structures.

Diving has now started in most places down south with these early signs of what could be the beginnings of a Great Season!

The Aug 2004 Report: Trincomalee

We explored three brand new dive sites! The awesome Swami Rock, the scenic Eel Rock and the beautiful Sitanampara.
We also returned to Pigeon Rock for a great night dive!

Above: Awesome conditions!. Below: Anemone Fish at the Eel Rock

The July 2004 Report: Trincomalee

Amazing Fish & Coral!

We saw Reef Sharks! While snorkeling around Pigeon Island we were graced by the presence of large Black Tip Reef Sharks, with strong canta shading. We also saw plenty of Barracuda, Giant Porcupinefish, a well fed Flutefish, various species of Filefish, Angelfish (and their lovely Juveniles), and the usual hordes of very colorful Butterflyfish , Wrasses and Triggerfish (Including Picasso Triggers).

New Dive Site: Small Grouper Rock - The little Great Barrier Reef

We were amazed! Just 15 minutes away from the coast of Nilavali we explored a new site just 15 Meters deep. The uneven rocky terrain was fully covered with beautiful hard and soft coral appearing very colorful at this shallow depth. Because of low visibility we couldn't see any large pelagic except for a large grouper at a distance. But the Coral was super! Hiding in crevices were all sorts of little denizens of the ocean ranging from Pixy Hawker Fish, Blennies, to spirited little odd looking crabs waving their agitated claws at us. The abundance of color and reef life reminded us of our recent expedition to Great Barrier Reef in April. We were also intrigued by the very large and artificial looking square slabs that looked the work of man than the work of nature. What a lovely dive site!

Spell of low visibility

Unfortunately we couldn't engage in any night dives because of low visibility conditions that prevailed after late morning. The best time for diving is now early in the morning around 7.30 AM. After about 10.00 AM the wind picks up and visibility is reduced to about 5 meters. Our morning dives were the best. We encountered Long Fin Bat Fish, Giant Moray Eels, Anemone's and Anemone Fish, beautiful Juvenile Angle Fish, Box Fishes and Groupers, in our dives at Pigeon Rock, Knife Rock and the new Small Grouper Rock. The dive operators in the area say that this spell will last for a few days before the normal excellent visibility conditions return for good.

All in all the diving and snorkeling was great! The beach front remained calm as ever (See picture in June below) and we had great fun!

Return to Trinco, June 2004 - In search of Nidarians.

General McArthur, the commander of the allied forces, said in the Philippines "I shall return". Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator said "I whill bhe bhack". So here we are! Unlike the disappointing May 04 trip to Trinco in bad weather we arrived to gorgeous sun rises and a mirror calm sea. Finally... this was Trinco as we knew it!

Above: Unbelievable beauty! Sun rise over Pigeon island and Knife rock.

This trip took us to three dive sites. We started by investigating a brand new site called Muttigala with SSL. We were the first ever to dive in this submerged rock and observed lots of Anemones and Anemone fish and different types of rays. (Photographing Anemone's and Anemone Fish was the objective of this expedition)

Above: Loveliest of all Cnidarians, the Magnificent Sea Anemone withdrawn into itself, perhaps reacting from an attack or consuming an hapless victim.

Then we dived at the ever famous Irrakandy Ship Wreck and Coffin Ray Point. Check out the Trincomalee page for new photographs and more information regarding all dive sites in Trinco.

We "whill bhe bhack" in July. This time the goal will be Night Diving!

An off season dive in Beruwala! - May 2004 (Go back to top ^)

On 16th of May we visited Beruwala for a dive at Barracuda Rock. The seas were predictably rough and so was the boat ride (it was kinda like off roading). The visibility was a surprising 12 meters close to the surface where we saw the usual denizens of the ocean but perhaps larger than their usual normal size. During descent we also spotted a Giant Maori Wrasse (Napoleon Fish)! What a sight! In addition Titan TriggerFish, Barracuda, schools of Speckled Snappers and Blue Fin Trevally were also seen.

Trinco Beckons: Start of a new season - May 2004 (Go back to top ^)

The season is in full swing! We visited Nilavali recently (1st and 2nd of May) to check it out. When we arrived the conditions were great and enjoyed a wonderful snorkeling session plus a morning dive around Pigeon Island. Then lady luck vanished and the rains descended upon us in hordes. Bad weather prevailed all around so no more diving. Latest reports indicate that conditions are back to normal and the waters of Trinco are like sheet of glass.

The dive at Pigeon Rock

This time we revisited Pigeon Rock off Pigeon island. We were not disappointed!

The coral growth was beautiful as ever. Fan tube worms, Goblet Sponges, Table Coral, Pachyseris, Mushroom Leather Coral, Tree Coral, Broccoli Soft Coral, Sea Fans were inhabited by scores of Jeweled Puffers, Scribbled Leather Jacket File Fish, Butterfly Fish, Angel Fish and Wrasses. Sea Anemones were plenty and abound providing safety to cuddly Clark's Anemone Fish and Maldives Anemone Fish. Some Anemone's were also full of little cleaner shrimp. We were also lucky so spot a pelagic QueenFish (a type of slender Trevally as seen below) and Sea Turtles.

There were several eye witness account of White Tip Reef Sharks (See the picture below)) before and after we were in Trinco! How cruel is that! White Tips are known to inhabit the same location for months so go check them out fast!

Snorkeling Around Pigeon Island

As usual we had great fun! If you want to swim in front of Pigeon Island (left to where the boats approach the island) use the little channel of broken coral that leads from the shore to the rock in the middle of the middle of the ocean. This will avoid the need to trample fledgling coral to get to deeper waters. To find the channel do as follows: 1) From the shore align yourself right in front of the rock. 2) Turn right and take 4 paces. 3) You should be on the right side of the rock now. 4) Walk towards the ocean and as soon as you are knee deep start snorkeling out. WARNING: This place has rip currents, is quite deep and thus recommenced for experienced snorklers only. Please be safe and be A.W.A.R.E.

Watch out for more updates in June! And we promise pictures this time!

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