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The worlds first purpose built Air Craft Carrier

By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth: 53 Meters. (Technical Decompression Dive)

The Hermes burns after taking 40 direct hits
Divers at the superstructure
Divers at the superstructure

Accounts of DiveSrilanka.com Expeditions

Expedition VIII -June 19-24 2014- Four dives exploring the entire ship also the laying of flowers for Henry Walker and Leslie Fenton

Expedition VII - May 27-30 2010- Three dives at the bow, amidships and the propeller

Expedition VI - Sep 25-27 2009 - Two world class dives!

Expedition V - Jun 19-22 2009 - A gift from the sea!

Expedition IV - August 22-24 2008 - Celebration of life! Marine Life at the Hermes.

Expedition III - June 19-21 2008 - The best ever wreck pictures taken so far.

Expedition I & II - May & September 2005 - wreck pictures & marine life pictures.

Hermes Movie

Flowers at the place of their fathers - the HMS Hermes footage around the story of Henry Walker and Leslie Fenton


Letters to the editor

Hermes Survivor - The story of Percy Bell (published September 2010)

Hermes Survivor - The story of Ronald T. Smith (published June 2008)



Project GSHD95 - In the virtual world of cyberspace the H.M.S Hermes sails again!

What does Hermes mean? - God of boundaries and of those who cross them

A report by veteran Hermes diver Felician Fernando

Time Magazine Article - October 28, 2002

Service History of the H.M.S Hermes

BBC report on Hermes Survivors

Wapedia on H.M.S. Hermes



A comprehensive account of the ships history and the sinking (including survivor stories) can be found in the highly recommended Hermes Adventure by Rex Morgan, son of Charles Morgan who served aboard the Hermes and captured the final moments in timeless photographs.


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