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A sporadic collection of exotic rock reefs
By Dharshana Jayawardena

Depth 29M



Each rock outcrop seem to be a cleaning station with an attendant wrasse

Sporadic and exotic.

That is what Bora Bora in French Polynesia is. Its a collection of beautiful Atolls scatter over the ocean in an exotic location.

Our Bora Bora is not in French Polynesia. Its off the shores of Colombo. The largest city in Sri Lanka and to the surprise of many the best overall diving location in the island.

When we first dived this site we were simply blown away. The words Sporadic and Exotic came to the mind as we swam from one little rock outcrop full of life to another just a few meters away. It seems like an immaculatly manicured Japanese Garden and we also felt like we were atoll jumping in French Polynesia (not that we have been to French Polynesia)

Bora Bora is a collection of "little" rock outcrops. Each separated by a few meters. Perhaps five or perhaps ten. Its also great fun to explore around and find new outcrops at the edge of what we thought was the last outcrop. Beautiful and colorful soft corals and trees of Black Corals adorn some of the rocks. Each rock is full of fish life including Glass fishes, Cardinalfishes, small Groupers and in some rocks little white eyed Moray eels.

Look closely into the Black Coral trees and you might see many small shrimps including the "Sexy Shrimp".

This is one of the best Macro diving sites in Sri Lanka and jewel in the dive sites of Sri Lanka


Colorful soft corals and Cardinalfishes

A large parrotfish waiting for cleaning services.

A great place to see small coral Groupers!

Predatory Cardinalfish by fan corals

Sawtooth feather stars

A great place to see the white eyed Moray eel.

A Pufferfish runs away from an overzealous cleaner!

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