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Chilling among the Coral and the caves

By Dharshana Jayawardena

Depth: 6-18 Meters. (Depth increases as you head to the west)

A place to chill. If you are looking for a nice, easy and shallow dive this is the place. Good coral life. Good Fish Life. Good Macro Life. Something for everyone. You will also find Moray Eels, Shrimps, Lobsters and Octopus's among the rocky shallows.

The dive site is about 5 minutes boat ride from most of the dive centers in Hikkaduwa.

Who says that good things are hard to get?


A pretty Nudibranch. Look and you will see!

Sea Slugs and Flat Worms are common too

The Surgeon, Boxfish and the Trigger.

A ball of Black Tail Snappers

Coral Garden has some caves.

And some swim-through's.

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Photographed on the 4th of February 2007 by Dharshana Jayawardena (Independence Day Dive)