Dolphin Watching! (
By Dharshana Jayawardena, Photo Credits: Dilhan Gunatunga & Manjula Wijeyaratne



Observe from a distance. Let the Dolphins come to you than vice versa!

For an hour we raced southward from Kalpitiya in our modest 25 BHP engine fishing boat. The sea was flat calm with gentle ripples caused by a mild breeze. The sun was out in the bright blue sky. It was a perfect day!

Suddenly, far in front of us, a white form suddenly broke surface and hurled itself out into the air! Spinner Dolphins! As we approached closer we witnessed a small pod of about twenty dolphins racing northward.

As we aligned ourselves parallel to their path, they soon closed in on us and started to ride the bow wave of the boat! It was a delightful experience to see them swim just under the surface. The water visibility was near perfect and we enjoyed their presence and playful antiques for over an hour.

While this is a small pod, some lucky Dolphin Watchers have encountered shoals over two hundred strong! Often close encounters are a result of patience. Approaching the Dolphins cautiously and giving them their space will ensure that they will become comfortable and approach you. Jan through April is the best time to see Dolphins in Kalpitiya.

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