Orca Orca! - The day Killer Whales came to Sri Lanka!
By Lahiri Soysa


Wild life enthusiast Lahiri Soysa shares a very unusual account of an Killer Whale encounter. Here are her pictures and words. There has been couple of Killer Whale sightings in Kalpitiya since then.

Kalpitiya is known for its famous marine life that consists of many tropical fish, colorful coral formations and not forgetting the fast swimming dolphins that speed past your boat. As for us, we too went in search of these dolphins and quite likely spotted a herd of these friendly marine mammals that were jumping nearby and playing in the waters. But for our luck we saw more than a dolphin that day! It was close to noon and we were about to leave the deep seas when all of a sudden the fisherman spotted a black fin appear and disappear just 50m away from our boat. We all were extremely thrilled since we knew that the black fin was more than just another dolphin! We all searched the waters excitedly, when without warning the fisherman shouted at us to look on the opposite side of the boat.

Alas, the largest of the dolphins and one of the most powerful predators, two killer whales were circling close near our boat. You can imagine the delight within the few people who went on this journey. It was a very special moment for all of us since we knew this was a rare sighting of killer whales in these waters. Seeing their distinctive black-and-white coloring was breath taking to watch as they surfaced up every now and then. Getting a proper photo with the boat swaying and the whales appearing in different places was quite a task to achieve. One of the killer whales surfaced quite close to the boat that we could almost have touched it! But didn't want to take the risk of getting eaten up by Free Willy! :D Nevertheless, both killer whales were giving us quite a performance as they dragged us deeper and deeper into sea with their different moves and tricks till finally, it was time for us to depart the wonderful journey we stumbled upon.


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