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From Temple Rock towards Kadirammaga
By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth:20 Meters - 24 Meters

Lovely Nudibranch at KR

A Red Coral Groupers take swipes at a swarm of Cardinalfish. (KR)

Off the coast of Moratuwa, about 30 minutes south of Colombo, are two dive sites. One, called Temple Rock, is a long rocky ridge extending towards Panadura to the south. The other is a sporadic occurrence of rubble to the west of Temple Rock. The former (TR) is a distinct rocky terrain with lots of fish life. The latter (KR), actually our favorite, is broken rocks and flat boulders on a sandy terrain. KR is a fun dive site because you discover oasis of life on the sandy terrain and it is always fun to discover unique islands of life such as a solitary Anemone harboring Anemonefish and Domino Damsels or beautiful Nudibranch on a rock or even millions of Cardinalfish as we discovered on this day. Temple Rockis shallower at 20M and if you swim deeper you discover terrain more synonymous with KR.


Oasis's of life on sand is the theme at KR

Millions of Cardinalfish form an enormous swarm reducing visibility

Chrinoi at Temple Rock

Vase Sponges are very common on the Temple Rock

Nudibranchs at Temple Rock

Cardinalfish galore at Kadirammagey Reddha

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