Top 11 Shipwrecks

  1. H.M.S Hermes, worlds first purpose built aircraft carrier in Batticaloa in the East Coast of Sri Lanka (A Technical Dive at 53 Meters)
  2. SS Worcestershire, World War I British armed merchant in Colombo (A Technical dive at 57 Meters)
  3. Perseus, a massive and beautiful World War I British armed merchant in Colombo, 40 Meters
  4. Pecheur Breton, the most popular recreational wreck dive in Sri Lanka (also known as Cargo Wreck) off Colombo at 30 Meters
  5. Medhufaru, a maldivian cargo ship sunk in 2009, fully intact and upright in Colombo at 29 Meters
  6. Taprobane East Wreck, a small barge in Taprobane East Reef , Colombo great visibility and pristine white sands
  7. British Sergeant, World War II, British armed merchant sunk along with the Hermes in Vakarai at 23 Meters
  8. Chief Dragon or Colombo Car Wreck sank 1982 off at Colombo 30M
  9. Battery Barge, a extremely scenic small barge off Colombo at 45M depth (Technical Dive)
  10. SS Rangoon, a late 19th century British sail ship off Unawatuna/Galle at 30M
  11. SS Conch, a late 19th century British steamer off Hikkaduwa at 20 M


Top 11 Reefs

  1. Taprobane North Reef system off Colombo at 20-26 Meters
  2. Third reef off Negombo at 20 meters
  3. Kiralagala off Hikkaduwa at 40M
  4. Great Basses Reef, Kirinda at 15M
  5. Gale Reef South, Gorgonian Gardens, a unique sea fan reef off Colombo at 35 Meters
  6. Taprobane East Reef off Colombo at 20 meters
  7. Second Reef system Negombo at 15-18 Meters
  8. Barracuda Reef off Colombo at 23 Meters
  9. Vakarai Reefs at 6M-8M
  10. Snapper Ally off at Colombo 30M - 35M
  11. Black Tip Rock, Pigeon Island off Trincomalee at 6 Meters