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The solitary pinnacle of the deep

By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth: 33 - 60 Meters. Anchor found at 47 Meters

A diver explores the deeper area of Galu Gala by the Anchor

Large Dog-Tooth Tuna like this can be often be seen circling this site

At 47 meters the narcosis is very strong. The descent has ended and we are suddenly upon a flat rocky plain covered with Yellow Back Fusiliers. Above us large Dog-Tooth Tuna and Trevally circle for prey. This is the culmination of a plan hatched just over a year ago; to explore the interesting sea mount depicted in the maritime sea charts off the coast of Galle. Well here we are, far away from the shores, the first human beings to touchdown on a hitherto unexplored sea bed.

Today the visibility is not great. Yet we are excited and scramble to explore the rock. We don't have much time either. We quickly survey the area and observe the terrain and the marine life. Suddenly an unusual shape intrudes our dull consciousness. Even with the narcosis we realize that this is man made. It is a huge anchor! We look around for parts of a ship wreck and quickly realize that the anchor is solitary. Maybe this is an anchor abandoned by a huge cargo ship. The artifact couldn't have been here for a long time. The encrustation is relatively low. Most probably this came here within the last decade.

Time to start the decompression sequence. We slowly ascend over to the shallower areas. As we rise more and more fish life appear. We see more Tuna and Trevally on the hunt. A large turtle suddenly swims beneath us and disappear into the gloom.

This is a large dive site. We will plan more exploratory dives soon and bring you more information!

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The large anchor (5mx2m) that can be found at around 47 meters

View of the anchor from top of the rocky shelf


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Photo Credits: (c) Dharshana Jayawardena