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Kalmunai As of 2013 - pristine uncroweded beaches   Kalmunai
Surreal afternoon shimmer of the blazing hot Kalmunai sun.

World class World War II ship wrecks.

That's the only reason a diver would want to be in Kalmuani.

Soon after the Japanese airforce sank the H.M.S Hermes and the vampire in Batticaloa they directed wrath further south to the British Oil Tanker
SS Athelstane and the Flower Class Corvette HMS Hollyhock.

Today, the ships we believe to be the SS Athelstane and the HMS Hollyhock lie at 42m depth off the shores of South Kalmunai.

There are no dive centers as yet in Kalmunai and diving there is still expedition style which require special organizing.

But it is not only the World War II ships that define the details of Kalmunai diving. It is resplendent with wrecks and reefs. This is the report from our initial expedition to Kalmunai.

Await more updates soon! (See below for the list of ships & reefs)

Kalmunai Fishing Boats Kalmunai Mosque
  Site Name
Boat Time
Our Rating
Worth mentioning...
  SS Athelstane


45-60 Min

An dive ideal for Technical Divers. The ship is a large area to explore and a bottom time of more than 10 minutes is hard to have at this depth. The stern side gun and the mount is still visible. The ship is broken up at the stern side possibly as a result of one of the bombs falling into the 3rd Tank as described in historical accounts

  HMS Hollyhock

Drop off

45-60 Min

This is an amazingly unique site for Sri Lanka. The ship lies on its starboard side just near a drop off. The wreck is extremely scenic and covered with magnificent fish life

  MV Ledra


20-25 Min
Below Average

A shallow badly broken wreck of what we believe to be the cargo ship MV Ledra that ran aground in the 1960's. Not the best dive in the world and perhaps enjoyable only for the wreck enthusiast.