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From: Dive Sri Lanka!
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Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2007 8:32 AM

Subject: Stop this disgrace to Japan and the Japanese people

Dear Ambassador and Embassy Staff, Japanese Embassy Sri Lanka

On behalf of the SCUBA diving community in Sri Lanka, I formally protest about the inhuman & inhumane slaughter of dolphins depicted in this video . Our community, environmentalists and other people who care, are in the process of signing an on-line petition to the Japanese Prime Minister at We wish to express our shock, disgust & deep sadness about the thoughtless & brutal slaughter of a very intelligent species (only second to human). As far as we are concerned, this activity is not consistent with our image of Japan and its people. We urge you to heed the call of a growing movement of people worldwide protesting this barbaric activity and put pressure on your superiors to stop this carnage immediately.


Dharshana Jayawardena
Editor Dive
Sri Lanka

Somey wins DRV International Environmental Award 2006!

Restoration of degraded coral reefs through coral transplantation has received the Deutscher ReiseVerband International Environmental Award 2006. The German Travel Association (DRV) expresses its complement to R.K Somadasa De Silva, International DIving School Hikkaduwa. The project has been chosen to be the winner because of the immense importance of corals not only for the marine ecosystem but also as attraction for tourist destinations. The method to restore corals reefs by transplantation is innovative and can be applied as model also in other regions. Furthermore the jury emphasized the involvement of the inhabitants who learn in workshops about the value of their natural resources and the necessity to project them. This has been assessed as an excellent way to support a sustainable development of the country.

Berlin, 30th November 2006 - Jurgen Marbach, Chairman of the Jury