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December Report - Exploring 3 Wrecks in Colombo
A Tec Dive to the unreal Battery Barge
Colombo Battery Barge
Thriving marine life at the Battery Barge
Technical Diving in Sri Lanka
Tec Diver hovers over this small but splendid age of steam wreck
15/12/2013: A gem of the ocean, the Colombo Battery Barge is an amazing place. One good thing about it is that, it is very small. But where it lacks in size it more than makes up for the sheer beauty in marine life. Resplendent with various sea fans, black corals and other soft corals the barge is almost always covered with a cloud of shoaling fish be it Snappers or small Barracuda. This is one splendid place on planet earth. A wonderland unknown to many.
The mystery wreck - Delhi Coal
Fish and diver at Colombo Delhi Coal
A cloud of Snappers envelop the bow part of the wreck
Diver at Colombo Delhi Coal
A diver regards the bow
30/11/2013: The origins of this wreck is still very much a mystery. The fisherman call it the "Coal Ship" The closest refernece we could find it was to a ship called "Delhi Coal". Not the most scenic wreck in Sri Lanka yet a great second dive specially after diving the magnificient Car Carrier wreck Chief Dragon. (See Below)
The Honda Heavy Industries Chief Dragon Car Carrier Wreck
The stern of the Chief Dragon
The perfectly symmertrical stern side of this unusual wreck
Remains of cars on the Chief Dragon Deck
Remnants of cars can still found almost 30 years later
30/11/2013: Last year we identified this wreck as the Honda Heavy Industries Chief Dragon car wreck. A very scenic wreck with great marine life this wreck has quickly become popular among the dive tourists visiting Colombo
November Report - Sighting of Adams peak heralds the west coast season
Going deep at the start of the season - SS Worcestershire 1917 (World War I)
Adams Peak
Adams Peak from Colombo
SS Worcestershire Stern
The stern of the SS Worcestershire towers 12M from the sea bed

08/11/2013: We start the season with a deep dive to the SS Worcestershire (57M), a wreck recently identified by Dive Sri Lanka as the World War I armed merchant sunk by the German Commerce Raider SMS Wolf in 1917. As usual the sighting of Adams Peak from the edge of West Coast heralds the season after the tumultuous monsoons which saw extremely rough seas, that even altered the shape of some wrecks in Colombo. The seas have now calmed down completely. The visibility has not yet reached the peak best and we have seen large Jellyfish in almost all our dives during the first week of November. This is rather unusual as these creatures are rarely sighted in these large numbers.

Diving in Colombo is now possible to all through two dive centers! See the Dive Centers page for more information!

SS Worcetershire Rudder
The massive rudder of the SS Worcestershire is a good 6M high
SS Worcetershire Stern Mounted Gun Mount
The mount of the stern side gun
SS Worcestershire Jelly Fish SS Worcestershire Jellyfish
October Report - Introducing Kalmunai! Two more World War II wrecks in the eXtreme east!
HMS Hollyhock 1942 (?)
HMS Hollyhock
HMS Hollyhock (courtesy of Jonathan Wickett
HMS Hollyhock
The bow bears a striking resemblence to HMS Hollyhock (bow ring)

19/09/2013: In our first expedition to the uncharted territories of the extreme east, we visit the town of Kalmunai and dive in search of two ships purportedly the HMS hollyhock and the SS Athelstane. Both were which were sunk by the Japanese Airforce during the attack of Ceylon on the 9th of April 1942 at the height of world war II.

In our first dive we are not disappointed. At a precipitous drop off at the edge of the continental shelf we find a magnificient dive site resplendent with marine life and perhaps with deep roots to history. This could be the HMS Hollyhock.

SS Athelstane 1942 (?)
SS Athelstane
SS Athelstane (courtesy of Jonathan Wickett
SS Athelstene
Stern mounted gun
20/09/2013: The next day we are back in the water. Within a mile off the ship we believe to the HMS Hollyhock lies another big ship that is clearly an oil tanker and with defensive weaponry. This most certainly is the SS Athelstane that sank after the HMS Hollyhock. Click here for more information.
And the post WWII MV Ledra 1967 (?)
MV Ledra
MV Ledra
MV Ledra
Diesel engine of the MV Ledra?
19/09/2013: After the dive to the HMS Hollyhock(?) we are few kilometers off shore and dive a badly broken up ship in the shallows of Kalmunai. Based on last known location, the type of power plant and propeller type this could be the MV Ledra that ran aground in 1967. Click here for more information.
September Report - Mission Trincomalee by the SLSAC and the intriguing Brennus Shoal
The Batticaloa Brennus Shoal ship wrecks!
SS Brennus
SS Brennus (sank 1881)
SS John Jackson
SS SIr John Jackson sank in 1908 at the same place
19/09/2013 - We revisit the Batticaloa Boiler Wrecks and bring you this latest report on the SS Brennus and Sir John Jackson which both ran foul to a hazardous subterranean formation of rocks. After the SS Brennus foundered on these rocks in 1881 they were aptly named the Brennus Shoal by Mariners. Later, due to unfortunate circumstances, SS Sir John Jackson would also succumb to the same fate SS Brennus met 27 years later. Click here for more information.
Pigeon Island Reef Cleanup - Search & Destroy onslaught on the dreaded Crown Of Thorn Starfish
Pigeon Island National Park
Crown of Thorns clean up
06/09/2013: The oldest and most active recreational dive club in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lanka Sub Aqua Club headed to Trincomalee for 3 days of diving. Their first day was to address a dreaded Crown of Thorns starfish outbreak in the Pigeon Island National Park, Nilaveli, Trincomalee. The activity was sponsored by Nilaveli Beach Hotel, The Ypsilon Diving Center and supported by the Department of Wild Life Sri Lanka. In two dives over 1 hour each the team of 15 divers and free divers removed 181 Crown Of Thorn starfish from the coral reef. This is the single highest haul ever made on a single day around Pigeon Island. The Crown of Thorns were then buried in the Pigeon Island never to be a threat to the fragile coral reef again. Good news was that the Sharks were in abundance, a sure sign of a otherwise healthy coral system. Here is more details of the cleanup and the pictures.
Pigon Island Crown Of Thorns cleanup Crown Of Thorn grave on Piegon Island
Trincomalee Harbour! - World War II Aircraft and a twin site of Gun Boats!
World War II Attack of Ceylon aircraft Sign for a Japanese Plane crash site
07/09/2013: On the second the team stayed at the Sri Lanka Navy run Sober Island Resort in the middle of the Trincomalee harbour. Anyone staying at the resort will be allowed to dive the many sites in the harbour which includes Japanese A06 Zeros, British Hawker Hurricanes, Navy Gun Boats and the worlds largest wreck, The Admiralty Floating Dock 26. The club members had a unique experience of being the first group to dive off Sober Island Resort and also diving one of the largest natural harbours in the world. Two dives were conducted that day which included a World War II aircraft believed to be a Hawker Hurricane and two Chinese built Gun Boats.
Trincomalee Harbour Gun Boats Navy Gun Boats Trincomalee Harbour
August Report - From Trincomalee to Colombo!
Colombo Wrecks - The Pecheur Breton evolves during the strong monsoons!
Pecheur Breton Wreck Colombo

31/08/2013 - Perhaps the monsoons are winding down. Taking advantage of a relatively calm sea, considering the season, we explore the Pecheur Breton (or the Colombo Cargo Wreck) and surprised to find major change! The bad news is that part of the hull has collapsed into the sand. The good news is that it feels like a whole new dive site and with a great swim through that completely opens up the hitherto forboding hold filled with twisted metal debris. It was an amazing experience to dive to a site that we have dived for years and feel it to be very different and new!
Trincomalee Wrecks - The first underwater pictures of the Admiralty Floating Dock!
Admirality Floating Dock Trincomalee Admirality Floating Dock Trincomalee
25/08/2013 - Diver Chathuranga Piyasena was kind enough to provide us the first underwater pictures of the Admiralty Floating Dock we have been able to publish in this site.Chaturanga also says that the Dock number on the side of the wreck is 26 and not 23 as we had earlier reported. Below you can see the part of the dock that was salvaged early 70's as reported to us by Mike Horsfall here. Also see the account of the dock sinking by Geoff Sponer here.
Admirality Floating Dock Trincomalee Admirality Floating Dock Trincomalee
July Report - The story of Louis Houtermans  
Then and Now - From Echo to Pecheur Breton (Colombo Cargo Wreck)
Lous Houtermans
Then: Louis Houtermans on the Echo
MV Echo
Then: MV Echo

15/07/2013 - The Pecheur Breton (popularly known also as the Cargo Wreck until its name was found) is one of the most popular and best wreck dives in Sri Lanka. Over the years the 90M wreck sitting at 32M has yielded to us a wealth of marine life! Giant Stingrays, Big Groupers, Eagle Rays, Dolphins and even a Whale Shark!

So it is with great delight that we introduce to you Louis Houtermans. A sailor from Netherlands who worked on the Pecheur Breton when it was known as MV Echo when it was owned by N.V Maatschappij Vriesvaart. While researching into the ships origins we managed to trace Louis and he has written back to us with the following message:

"I wish you and your friend divers a happy and safe diving around the Pecheur Breton. For me the time onboard the Echo was one of the happiest times from my life”

Thank you Louis for sharing your story with us and wish you all the best!

Louis Houtermans
Today: Louis Houtermans
Pecheur Breton
Today: MV Echo (sank as Pecheur Breton)
June Report - A windy east coast
Return to H.M.S Diomede and Swami Rock
H.M.S Diomede
H.M.S Diomede
H.M.S Diomede
The two anchors (25/08/2012)

29/06/2013. At the site that is presumed to be the H.M.S Diomede, We finally manage to dive an area larger than that of last year. The delayed monsoons billow strong winds across the mountains and while the inshore seas are calm and pleasent; the conditions are very choppy far out in the sea. Visibility is not very good too and at 42M we explore a patch of debris and find about six large cannons.

For the second dive we travel to Swami Rock a few kilometers away. Here, under the majestic face of a giant rock wall we do a quick survey dive.
The visibility is better and among the rock boulders one can find various species of macro life and occasional fish life. However this time we are unable to see the small statue of Lord Ganesh which we first saw and photographed in 2004.

H.M.S Diomede
Two guns photographed this year (29/06/2013)
Swami Rock
Just before the dive at Swami Rock, a few KM away from the Diomede
May Report - Before and after the monsoons
After the monsoon - in the East Coast !
Lady McCallum SS

25/05/2013: The divers of the Sri Lanka Sub Aqua Club head to the East Coast for 2 days of diving the British Sergeant, Lady McCallum SS and other reefs. At the Lady McCallum diver Yohan Abeysekera discovers a fork that removes any doubt of the identify of the ship! On the fork are the inscription "CSSC" an acronym for Ceylon Steam Ship Company who owned the Lady McCallum at the time of the sinking. She sank after running aground north of Kalkudah while carrying a cargo of Copra and rice. The Sri Lanka Sub Aqua Club whose mission is Diving, Learning & Fellowship is the only club of its kind in Sri Lanka and has over 50 members.
British Sergeant
The British Sergeant sunk during World War II
Leather Coral Reef
The beautiful Leather Coral Reef
Before the monsoon - Last days of the West Coast!
Pecheur Breton Medhufaru
13-28 April 2013: With the monsoons looming over the horizon one would expect rough seas. On the contrary the sea is dead calm! Who can resist these beautiful waters. Over three weekends we return to the Worcestershire for two final Tec dives amidst very strong currents and also explore the Pecheur Breton, the Trug and the Medhufaru. Pre Monsoon waters are always electrically charged and full of hunting and the hunted.
SS Worcestershire SS Worcestershire
Nilgiri Nilgiri
April Report - Peace & Tranquility...
New dive site! - introducing Bora! Bora! and wish you all a very happy Sri Lankan new year!

One of the best macro sites in Sri Lanka - Bora Bora

Cleaning station

12/03/2013 - Colombo: Just few kilometers of the shores of Colombo, we introduce Bora! Bora! an exotic rock outcrop that harbors an excellent profusion of marine life including hard to find macro life. Bora Bora is a collection of "little" rock outcrops. Each separated by a few meters. Perhaps five or perhaps ten. Its also great fun to explore around and find new outcrops at the edge of what we thought was the last outcrop. Beautiful and colorful soft corals and trees of Black Corals adorn some of the rocks. Each rock is full of fish life including Glass fishes, Cardinalfishes, small Groupers and in some rocks little white eyed Moray eels.

We also dive the Pecheur Breton, or the Colombo Cargo Wreck. One of the most popular wreck dives of Sri Lanka. The top zone visibility is excellent and the west coast continue to enjoy calm seas, little currents and great visibility.

Pecheur Breton
The Devil head - The mast of the Pecheur Breton Colombo

A diver at the bow
The sands of Kalpitiya

A Flathead in the sands of Bull Dog Reef

White eyed Morays

16/03/2013 - Kalpitya: The Sri Lanka Sub Aqua Club organizes a trip to Kalpitiya. A team of over a dozen divers participate in the club activity. Two dives are conducted at the Bulld Dog Reef and the Coral Gardens. Here is an account of the great macro dive site Bull Dog Reef. We have a great day out there in the sea and see Napoleon Wrasses, A big Bull Ray, several large Octopus's and excellent macro life in these shallow reefs!

Also we bring a report from the past. In 2010 wild life enthusiast was on a Dolphin watching trip in Kalpitiya when she encountered a small pod of Killer Whales! Here is her account which is one of several highly unusual sightings of Orcas in Sri Lankan waters and this seem to happen only off the shores of Kalpitiya during certain times.

Killer Whales in Sri Lanka
A sighting of Killer Whales! (2010)
Killer Whales in Sri Lanka
Perfect visibility in Colombo
SS Worcestershire
Pristine conditions - like being in a glass of pure fresh water!
SS Worcestershire
The sun, the clouds and the boat from 21M!
23/03/2013 - Colombo: This must be one of the best dives we have ever enjoyed at the SS Worcestershire. A day of perfect visibility. As we descended at 20M depth we could still see our little boat very clearly and also the top edge of the worcestershire about 30M below!
March Report - Deep into World War I
At the kills of the Wolf - German mine layer Wolf wreaked havoc in 1917

Perseus (1917)
At the stern side of the ship we strongly believe to be the Perseus (1917)

The towering stern in clear blue water - at 40M visibility of 40M

02/03/13 - 09/03/13: We conduct several expeditions to the World War I ships in Colombo; the Perseus and SS Worcestershire sunk in 1917 by the German Mine Layer Wolf that was prowling around Sri Lanka during WWI with the insidious intentions of destabilizing the British regime. Wolf was highly successful in its game of stalking and killing and later became a legend in Germany. We have a series of absolutely great dives. The sea becomes an absolute dead calm and there is no current. These are generally the usual conditions of the season however the good tidings of this season come late. At Perseus we enjoy 40M+ visibility and are overwhelmed by the pristine beauty of the wreck lying on clean white sand. Its a massive ship requiring many dives to explore fully. We focus on the stern side and the unusual massive wheel that dominates the deck on the stern. We believe it to be a gun mount.

At the Worcestershire we also have great conditions. The fish life is amazing. Huge shoals of Snapper and Trevally engulf us along the myriad of reef fish that flutter around the corals of the badly deteriorated ship. Based on the last photograph to be taken of the Worcestershire we predicted a fracture in the hull near the stern side of the ship and this exists! In subsequent dives we also explore amidships and identify the broken masts that are still left standing upright at the stem to this day.

We also explore the small but still deliriously interesting Wallet Wreck. A small mysterious and oddly shaped wreck that is not far from the Perseus. It has an excellent growth of soft corals adorning its two platforms that give the ship great symmetry.

SS Worecestershire
Tekking the SS Worcestershire (1917) at 57M

The beautiful stern

The Wallet Wreck near the Perseus (40M)
Wallet Wreck
Magnificient growth of soft coral adorns the Wallet Wreck
SS Worecestershire
The port side amidships of the SS Worcestershire
SS Worecestershire
Decompression after a dive to 57M at SS Worecestershire
February Report - History in the making
A historic find leaves no more doubt that B2633 is the S.S Worcetershire!

DiveSriLanka recovers a large mug with the inscription "Bibby Line"

Bibby Line - Est. 1840, owned the SS. Worcestershire!

13/02/13 - For years we have been searching for the location of the S.S Worcestershire a British Armed merchant sunk in 1917 by the German mine layer Wolf. After many frustrating dives to nothing but sand in the hope of finding this ship, Finally two years ago, we were guided to a location of a large deep ship by fishermen and conducted several survey Tec dives on it. For the moment we called it B2633 based on the local dialect for measuring depth. Given the proximity to the last known of Worcestershire (within 5KM), the size and the deteriorated condition of the ship, we strongly suspected this to be the ship. Subsequently we mapped several features of the ship to the archived images of the Worcestershire and also measured the width of the beam and provided strong circumstantial evidence that this was indeed the ship! However further research dives continued to find an inscription of the name "Worcestershire" somewhere in the ship.

Today we found the next best thing! In a 100 minute long Tec Dive to the 57 Meter deep ship we discovered a mug at 53.4 M with the inscription "Bibby LIne"!

The immediate significance of this inscription was overwhelming! Bibby Line (Est. 1821) owned the S.S. Worcestershire and no other Bibby Line ship is known to have sunk in the vicinity of Sri Lanka. This can all but be considered few of the last nails in the Coffin of doubt that this great ship is not the S.S. Worcestershire! Read more!

A weekend in Hikkaduwa!
09/02/13-10/02/13: A dive trip for the Sri Lanka Sub Aqua Club takes us to Hikkaduwa where we dive several dive sites including the best dive site in Hikkaduwa the Kiralagala.
January Report - A deep vision for 2013
Blast from the past! - Intriguing pictures of the AFD salvage
Admirality Floating Dock Admirality Floating Dock

27/01/2013: Subsequent to the letter by Geoff Sponner in April 2006 about how the Admiralty Floating Dock sank on the night of August 8th 1944, a gentleman by the name of Peter Horsfall from the UK wrote to us about an account of how part of the dock was salvaged in 1971. and also along with it pictures captured by his father Mike Horsfall.

Here is the full story! and another piece of history documented for posterity!

Oh that's seriously shallow!  

Beautiful little Sea Fans at the muck dive at Formosa Reef

If you don't find Nudibranchs here, then you can't find them anywhere!
14/01/13: From a deep dive the day before we yo yo to the other extreme of a really shallow dive! In the macro paradise of Formorsa Reef we are not dissapointed. For over an hour we are delighted by this macropolis as we encounter minute denizens of the reef in all their color and glory!
Further exploration of the Worcetershire
SS Worcestershire 1917 SS Worcetershire 1917
13/01/13: One more exploratory Technical Dive to 57 meters reveal a hitherto undiscovered debris field on the port side of the SS Worcestershire!
Happy New Year starts with Tec Dives

Tec dives to the 57 Meter deep SS Worcestershire...

...and the 45 Meter deep Battery Barge


06/01/2013: Vision for 2013 - Going deep.

And we started the year with Tec Dives. Exploring the 45M battery barge and conducting more exploratory dives on the 57 Meter SS Worcestershire.

The seas were choppy yet the visibility was great and as usual prolific marine life at the Battery Barge and the Worcestershire.

A great way to open a deep year!

2012 - The year the world was to end...
Year 2012 Report - Looking back at a great year of diving

Year 2012 Report
New reefs were discovered off Colombo

Year 2012 report
Significant amount of research is yet to be done on a ship that could be the Perseus

To simply sum up a great year of diving in Sri Lanka. Some ships we knew before got names as a result of our research and new wrecks opened up for diving as a result of easing security around the city of Colombo.

February - A new ship is added to the wrecks of Colombo. What we believe is to be the Delhi Coal is located near the City.

March - A ship we were diving north of Batticaloa (Vakarai) is identified as the Lady McCullum SS (1926)

April - A car carrier that sank in the 80's is now open for recreational diving. We later identify this as the "Chief Dragon"

May - As a result of many Technical Dives to the 57m ship known as B2633 and research we declare it as the long lost SS Worcetershire that was sunk by the German mine layer Wolf in 1917.

August - After two years of floating in limbo off Colombo the Thermopylae Sierra (IMO 8313075) sinks. Sadly the depth is not enough to make it a wreck dive given that a significant portion is sticking out of the water and there is talk of salvage early 2013. We also explore new areas in Trincomalee including the Diomede and Foul Point. In Passikudah we dive a veritable "Graveyard of ships" ; possibly four ship wrecks or more in a small area which includes the Gladys Moller.

September - After extensive research we declare the beloved Colombo Cargo Wreck - one of the most popular wreck dives in Sri Lanka as the French Pecheur Breton.

October - November : We look for new reefs off Colombo and discover Serendib North Ridges and Snapper Alley Adams Peak and Sea Fan garden

If the world does not end on the 22nd -we wish you happy holidays and great diving in 2013! If it can only be good as 2012 it will be a good year!

Read all about it in our 2012 Report!

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Welcome to Sri Lanka! The best location in the Indian Ocean to Scuba Dive in the warm tropical seas and wonderful beaches. Sri Lanka offers some great Wreck Diving experiences such as the H.M.S Hermes, SS Rangoon, H.M.S Conch, The Earl Of Shaftsbury, H.M.S Diomede, and some Surat Silver Coin wrecks at the Great Basses & Little Basses Lighthouses off Kirinda and Yala. Sri Lanka offers many courses such as PADI Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, Dive Master but yet to offer NAUI, PSAI, TDI, SDI, Nitrox, Trimix, Heliox, Solo Diving Technical Dive Courses or Liveaboard Diving. Shore diving is a possibility. Sri Lanka also is famous for whale migration, dolphin watching and very occasionally for sightings of Tiger Shark, Black Tip Reef Shark, White Tip Reef Shark, Manta Rays. Reef fish such as Moray Eels, Puffer Fish (Fugu), giant turtle, Lionfish, Snappers, Sweetlips, Trevally, Barracuda, Fusiliers, Anemonefish are very very common. Some dive sites are better than Maldives, The H.M.S Hermes is a fantastic and exciting dive in Batticaloa. The H.M.S Vampire which accompanied the H.M.S Hermes is yet to be found. Surat Silver Coin treasure was found by Sir Arthur C. Clarke and Mike Wilson at the Great Basses Ridge. The coins were minted by Aurenzeb, the son of Shah Jehan who built the Mumtas Mahal (Taj Mahal). There are also wrecks of Japanese Zeros in the China Bay and Marble Beach area. The statue of lord ganesh can be seen at the Swami Rock dive in Trincomalee. pigeon Island in Trincomalee is also famous for great diving and snorkeling. This site features original photos and stock photography of the ocean and the under sea. You will also be surprised abou the diving opportunaties in Colombo. Colombo diving and colombo wreck diving is some of the best wrecks in the world