Dive the Wallet Wreck

(A barge at Taprobane North Reef)

Many wrecks at the bottom of the ocean floor, whether they are identified or not, end up getting unique names depending on how they look for the divers passing by. So as you can already guess, the Wallet Wreck got its name because this looks like one of the giant wallets on the sandy ocean bed.

This wreck is one of the most eye-catching ones in the Colombo waters, which you can set eyes on as you descend down to the ocean floor, approximately 40 meters deep. But at around 21M, you will start to catch a glimpse of what looks like a giant cradle full of life down below. And once you touch down on the ocean bed, another 19 meters down, you will start getting the complete picture of the wreck in front of you with all the life and color it surrounds.

Although this wreck may look like an anti-climax compared to all the other ships you can dive in this waters, we believe every impact has a unique beauty. The wallet wreck may indeed look pale compared to others, but if you look more closely, you will still be able to catch some of the best sceneries full of neon fusiliers, snappers, black coral, and many other colorful soft corals.

The lush growth of reef fish and soft corals adorn the ship from all directions while Sporadic clouds of Anthias surround the hull. At a depth of 40 meters, it is white sand. Visibility is 30+ meters. Above you, the ship's bow will rise majestically. It appeared to be a big wallet filled with enormous coins. Sadly, the coins are only narcotics' byproducts.

Many people may shrug off diving at the Wallet Wreck since it is miniature and pale compared to the other diving sites nearby. But we encourage you to come down here and experience the whole picture with your own eyes before concluding the nature of the impact.


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