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Kilometers of fish.
By Dharshana Jayawardena

Depth:22 Meters

Tiny Goby on a Sea Whip!

Dwarf Spotted Groupers can be approached very close - but very slow!

Barracuda reef never disappoints. If a diver was suddenly kidnapped off the street, blindfolded and dumped on Barracuda reef during best of its times; he or she would, after getting rid of the blindfolds, come to the conclusion that he or she was in an exotic reef in a remote location. While we have not tried the above experiment because of lack of expertise in the area, we are pretty sure that above as alluded would be the case. We are also sure that the divers jaw would drop a few inches upon discovering that this reef was in fact 4KM west of Mount Lavinia, Colombo.

Indeed, this is a long reef formation lush with life. Schools of Fusiliers and Barracudas can be seen quite consistently. The large limestone blocks that form the reef may not be attractive. This is not a traditional coral reef full of fluttering and colorful reef fish. In fact, one would say the reef is entirely devoid of color. But what sets it apart is the abundance of fish life. Schools of Rabbitfish, Snappers, Fusiliers and the ever present shoal of the small Fosters Barracuda make this reef a delight for the diver. However the best is left for the ones with keen eyesight. Hidden among the multitude of nooks and crannies are an amazing amount of macro life. Colorful Nudibranchs, Pipefish and various species of shrimps are quite common. On the dull gray sand one occasionally finds blue spotted stingrays skirting around in agitation.

Around 20M-23M in depth this is a great reef for Open Water divers to explore and enjoy. Welcome to the Barracuda Reef off Colombo. One of the best reefs in Sri Lanka to dive and explore.



Almost like tatoos... A Pufferfish

Lionfish are very common at Barracuda Reef

Various types of soft coral adorn the reef

A Saw Toothed Feather star sway gently in the current

A Panther Torpedo Ray - This critter packs a 200V punch!

The colorful soft coral is a signature of this reef


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