H.M.S Hermes - Expedition VIII - (www.DiveSriLanka.com)
By Dharshana Jayawardena.

June 19-24, 2014
Depth: 53 Meters. (Technical Decompression Dive)

HMS Hermes anchor
Anchor and the Hawsole

HMS Hermes super structure
The superstructure of the HMS Hermes

Dead calm seas. Zero current at the surface. Great visibility.

It has been four years since our last expedition and we have been rewarded for our loyalty.

This is almost the perfect dive. We had landed near the massive up right propeller of the HMS Hermes. A gentle current pushes us towards the bow as we explore this historic wreck and also marvel at the profusion of fish life.

For four days we explore the Hermes with four great dives. The great conditions enable us to cover the whole ship very easily and even explore some parts in detail.

After a long long time, its good to be back at the familiar presence of a long lost historic ship.

HMS Hermes diver
Diver near the munitions
HMS Hermes diver
Entering the Hermes
HMS Hermes super structure
By the superstructure, just forward amidships
HMS Hermes urinals
Line of urinals at the great crack at the bow
HMS Hermes diver
Diver and the below deck gun

HMS Hermes diver with light
Lush forests of beautiful white Black Coral

HMS Hermes propeller
The massive propeller from afar.
HMS Hermes wreck penetration
Exploring the inside of the ship
HMS Hermes wreck penetration
Bubbles of the divers who are inside the ship
HMS Hermes deco
HMS Hermes deco
Decompression in beautiful clear blue water
HMS Hermes boatmen
The boatmen wait patiently as we decompress

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