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The deepest wreck dive in Sri Lanka

By Dharshana Jayawardena

Depth: 65 Meters

MV Tricolor
MV Tricolor
 Egersund Fayancefabrik
 Egersund Fayancefabrik - A plate found at the wreck hints to its origins
March 2018 - 6th expedition to the Tricolor

March 2017 - Two more expeditions to the MV Tricolor. Footage of all four expeditions are included in the documentary clip above.


Mar 2009, Feb 2014, Mar 2016 - In March 2009 I dived a mysterious deep shipwreck off the coast of Beruwala. It was a massive wreck. Subsequent research indicated that the Norwegian cargo ship MV Tricolor had sunk in the area in 1931 after suffering a catastrophic explosion.

In subsequent dives I uncovered more and more circumstantial evidence that this could indeed be the MV Tricolor. The wreck had two diesel engines and a plate found aft of the engines turned out to be from a famous Norwegian plate maker.

As of now this is the deepest shipwreck dive in Sri Lanka. However it is not a mainstream dive offered by dive centers in the area because this is dive requires technical diving skills.

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A video of my 2014 solo dive

MV Tricolor
At the bow - Mar 2010
MV Tricolor
Amidships - Feb 2014
MV Tricolor
Diesel Engine - Feb 2014
  MV Tricolor
Aft of bow - Mar 2010

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