Flowers at the place of their fathers - H.M.S Hermes
By Dharshana Jayawardena.

June 19, 2014

Carol Barbara and Mildred
Left to right Carol with Mildred and Barbara
Henry Walker and Leslie Fenton
Harry Walker and Leslie Fenton
In May 2014, our friend from the Hermes Association, Carol Marshall, contacted us with a rather unusual request. Two of her friends at the Hermes Association Mildred Kemp and Barbara Wain, who had lost their fathers at the Hermes, wanted to lay flowers in their memory. Mildred was just twelve and Barbara just a baby when the Hermes sank along with Mildred's father Harry Walker and Babara's father Leslie Fenton. On the 19th of June we dived to the Hermes and made their wish come true. Here is also a short movie on the Hermes around their story - Flowers at the place of their fathers
Flowers for their fathers
Before the dive
Flowers for their fathers
Flowers are placed on the propeller
Flowers for their fathers
Close up
Flowers for their fathers
The movie - Flowers at the place of their fathers

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