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What else to do in Sri Lanka...

Here's a list of useful links about diving and other fun stuff you can do in and around Sri Lanka.

* Nishan Perera -
Marine Biologist and Underwater Photographer Nishan Perera blogs about his office!

* Asha de Vos Marine Biologist Asha de Vos and her work on whales of Sri Lanka.

* Diving in Sri Lanka: History by Rex De Silva

* Marine Archeology Marine Arecheology activities in Sri Lanka

* Benthic Canada -Lots of information about wreck dives including our article on the H.M.S Hermes.

Diving Clubs

* The Sri Lanka Sub Aqua Club: The one and only and the largest diving club in Sri Lanka

Travel & Tourism
Sri Lanka Tourist Board -The official web site

* Lanka Page

Emergency Services
* Handling Emergencies - How to get in touch with Emergency Medical Services based on the region.

* Colombo - Late 19th Century - Memories from a by gone era

Adventure 4x4 exploration - Sri Lanka in the off roads!