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The quiet seas of the south west.

West Coast Diving - November through May


Bentota! The water sports hub of Sri Lanka! Surfing, Windsurfing, Kite-surfing, Water skiing and Scuba Diving! You get it all here. While the latter can be enjoyed only during the diving season, everything else is available all year in the lagoon where the conditions are mild even during the monsoons.

Bentota doesn't have many dive sites. The dive site Canoe Rock is a very large dive site and require many dives to explore fully. Bentota also provides a access point for Beruwala diving.

Scuba Sri Lanka

  Site Name
Boat Time
Our Rating
Worth mentioning...
  Canoe Rock
20 M
20 Min

One of our favorite dive sites. Quite a nice, but not very high rock formation with a lobster valley. There's a cave in the lobster valley and there's a lob there guaranteed. Quite nice coral and large schools of fish. Click here for some pictures.

  Sourth Reef Scenic
20 M 25 Min Good

To the south of Canoe Rock, perhaps almost an extention to its vast complex of rocky outcrops, one finds the south reefs, perhaps shallower on the average but abundant with fish life and beautiful but delicate Nudibranchs!


12 M
10 Min
You can dive all around Hundirangala. We generally like to start from the Southwest corner and swim through the rocks towards Northeast. Bits of coral here and there with occasional stretches of sandy bottom. Good for Night Dives as it is very close to the shore. Lots of Lionfish and large Porcupinefish here. One part also has a lot of fish nets (the Northern front). We (local SCUBA enthusiasts divelanka@yahoogroups.com) did a Project A.W.A.R.E clean up here on Feb. 14th 2004 but more junk there needs to be taken out. This was also the location for the 31st Night 2003 underwater new year celebration organized by Dive Sri Lanka and Scuba Sri Lanka.
            And see Beruwala Dive sites which are accessible from Bentota