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By Dharshana Jayawardena. Photo Credits: Dharshana Jayawardena & Jayesh Nanayakkara

Depth: 20 Meters

Canoe Rock is one of our favorite dive sites. We've always had a few surprises there in terms of seeing something interesting. During the day and in good visibility there has been schools of Snappers, Trevally, Fusiliers, Moral Eels of sorts and Porcupinefish. The rocky terrain can be quite scenic. The lobster cave (on the right side of the Canoe Passage) usually holds a large resident.

Ah! So this is why this dive site is called Canoe Rock!

A beautiful pathway leading to a mystical land!

Crouched benath the rocky ledge we watch the Trevally hunt!

See our VERY SHORT MOVIE - Trevally at the Canoe Rock!
These are some pictures taken during a day dive (left) and a night dive (right). On the day of the the night dive the conditions were pretty rough with a lot of surf and current. Also
the visibility was not very good in a otherwise excellent dive site.

Unbeknownst to the other reef fish, the tryst took place by the shady cave
in the warm hours of noon. The lovers decided that it was not going to
work out because of "serious differences", and finally agreed to go their
ways. Alas, parting is such a sweet sorrow. (Photo: Jayesh).
It had been a good day and I had eaten well. The sun had gone and I was
almost asleep when a bright light shone on me and there was this idiotic
looking creature blowing bubbles. A fish can't live in peace these days.

An Ember Parrot Fish on the hunt

The beautiful lilies of the night.

A very pretty Nudi Branch

"A pack of cigars poked in an ashtray" plant? No, it is a type of Imperial Sea Urchin

And another one prettier!

If this was Japan this would have been Sakura!

Black Tail Snapper school

What is this fish? 2 years counting and no one knows. Contact us if you know!

Domino Damsels among the sleeping polyps. (Photo: Jayesh).

A pretty Flatworm! (Photo: Jayesh).

(Photo: Jayesh).
  The Canoe Rock is full of beautiful Black
Coral trees!
(Photo: Jayesh).

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