Dive Barracuda Reef - Mid Point (www.DiveSriLanka.com)
A city of small things
By Dharshana Jayawardena

Depth:22 Meters

This is a great place to spot so many Nudibranchs!

A shrimp doing his day job on top of a Honeycomb Moray Eel

Almost 02 KM north of our favorite Barracuda Reef , is what we call the Barracuda Reef Mid-Point. While the former is full of schooling fish and the jagged terrain is also good for some macro life, the Mid-Point is a more flat rock terrain almost like a table top. A table top filled with little gems.

In just one dive we were able to see loads of Nudibranchs; as much as 5 different species. If Nudibranchs are not your cup of tea then there are Moray Eels, Octopus, Lionfish, loads of small rock Groupers.

The reef top is at around 20 M with a maximum depth of around 24 M.


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