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By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth:28 Meters

Mangrove Jacks (Snappers) by Jayesh Nanayakkara
The Oblix Menhirs: The signature rocks at Barracuda Rock

What a beautiful rock formation! You can only appreciate the it's true
grandeur during 30+ Meters of visibility, for that is about how high this
rock formation is.

The Oblix Menhirs. These rocks are truly amazing. Standing tall and
large!The day these pictures were taken the visibility was perfect! On the
flip side many of the large schools of Snappers, Trevally, Sweetlips were in
hiding or looking some where else for food. We also missed the Giant
Barracuda's waiting in ambush.
But during one of our off season dives (In
May) we spotted two Giant Maori Wrasses, Titan Triggerfish, Blue Fin
Trevally, Larger than normal Angelfish, Bannerfish, Sweetlips and Snappers.

More large Mangrove Jacks (Snappers)

Beautiful & colorful soft coral is in abundance at the Baracuda Rock

A Grouper rests on a rock. Barracuda Rock is full of medium sized Grouper.

A large Indian Rock Coral Grouper.

A diver exits the caves at Bara. Bottom: Soft Coral in the cave.

Colorful Coral envelops one side of the rock.

A pretty Saw Tooth Featherstar entangled in a prettier growth of Black Cora

At 28 Meters the rock bottoms out. The multitude of rocks create
passageways and corridors on which you can glide like a bird enjoying a
panoramic view of forests of black coral.

Like a barnacle infested blue whale the side of the rock is covered with
various types of soft coral and little inhabitants. You can spend hours
exploring Barracuda Rock and not be done!

Little shrimps glare from their rocky crevices.

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