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The Fourth Rock, Beruwala

By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth:24 Meters


Welcome to the Fourth Rock! (Hatharagala). A beautiful dive site indeed! Exploring Hatharagala is to feel like superman flying over a city full of skyscrapers and streets. Fish life seems prolific at the Hatharagala. Especially when there are currents. Once we saw the biggest Great Barracuda ever
in suspended animation. The deadly deadly machine was patiently waiting for the right moment to accelrate to speeds up to 35 MPH and perhaps sever
a hapless and unsuspecting victim in half. You also get to see plenty of Moray Eels too.

The descend to Hatharagala. The rock of four.
Black coral with Domino Damsels
Great Barracuda poised for the hunt.

Another Barracuda in the crevice.

At the Main Street, Hatharagala bottoms out at 24 Meters.

Surgeonfish, Butterflyfish and Parrotfish picking on the coral.

A Long Fin Bannerfish couple racing around the rock!

An Indian Vagabond Butterflyfish close quarters.

Various types of soft coral are abundant.

We rate Hatharagala as a really fun dive for everyone! There is always something to see and diving over the varied rocky terrain is absolutely liberating!

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