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The Middle Rock, Beruwala

By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth:22 Meters

Yellow Striped Goatfish
The endearing Long-fin Bannerfish.
Beautiful soft-coral

This is Mada Gala, Beruwala. Mada Gala means the "middle rock ". Lying atop a flat sandy layer, this is a formation of rounded rocks. The shallow depth brings a lot of color and the site is vibrantly scenic during good visibility. The nooks and crannies hide the little creatures of the ocean and if you have a sharp eye spotting them is not that difficult.

Two beautiful Nudi Branchs in an intimate conversation.

Schools of Yellow Stripe Fusiliers stream around the Mada Gala

Often, we saw a couple of Porcupinefishes schmoozing together.

The Surgeonfish and the Triggerfish

Pretty univalves called the "cowry"

Yellow back Fusiliers in formation

The two dimensional Scribbled Leather Jacket Filefish.

It is quite easy to approach the fish as they feed on the rocks

The imperious Titan Triggerfish is totally non-aggressive today.

Mada Gala is a great relaxing dive! It is an ideal location for the second dive after you have dived the Barracuda Rock or the Shark Point.

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