Dive Thanthirigala (www.DiveSriLanka.com)
By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth: 15 Meters.

The twin rock reefs of Thanthirigala...

covered by a haze of juvenile Cardinalfish!

Moray Eels are common in the reef

Thanthirigala is two parallel reefs on a sandy plain and the usual macro haven as Negombo dive sites go.

During certain periods of time visibility is hampered by millions of bait fish that surround the site and also juvenile Cardinalfish that hover over the reef. Occasionally game fish such as Wahoo can be seen feeding on the bait fish providing some thrilling predator prey action.

Moray Eels and small Groupers are also abound. Various species Moray can be found including the Honeycomb or Reticulated Moray common to Negombo dive sites. The most commonly sighted Grouper is the swift Blue Lined Grouper who darts around hoping to snack on the innumerable juvenile Cardinalfish.

Among the other denizens are Pufferfish, Boxfish, Lionfish, Scorpionfish and occasionally couple of Cuttlefish who flutter around gazing at the divers with curious intensity.

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A Honeycomb Moray smiles!

A Blue Lined Grouper posses for a shot

A couple of Cuttlefish on the prowl

We found this little guy in a vase sponge

Bait Fish swarm the reef

Quite a willing poser, Hawkfish reside in good numbers

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Photo Credits: (c) www.DiveSriLanka.com by Dharshana Jayawardena.