West coast   -   December through April

Dive Kalpitiya

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On the long thin strip of sandy beach that separates the lagoon from the vastness of the ocean; the final moments of the sun at days end is an intensely orange moment.  The speed at which the sharply defined fire ball sinks beneath the waves makes one wonder how the sun ever manages to spend an entire a day in the sky.  As the last of the fiery incandescence merge with the horizon; stars begin to twinkle high in the sky; finally ushering in a welcome break to what had been a busy day for the little fishing village.  To be here now, in complete solitude, sitting on the fine sand that flows like treacle between your fingers, and feeling the cool breeze of a vast sea on your face is complete bliss.  Welcome to the idyllic town of Kalpitiya. A different place, and with a little imagination, a different time.

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