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The Dive Sri Lanka Dive team comprises a youthful, outgoing, and enthusiastic group of dive instructors in Sri Lanka. They are hand-selected for their enthusiasm for diving instruction and superior underwater environment knowledge.

Sri Lanka is arguably one of the most breathtaking atolls in the world, with fantastic beaches, resorts, a warm tropical environment, and a variety of excellent dive sites.

There are other areas to explore along the dive site, such as the western end, where a sizable cave can be discovered between 1m and 15m below the surface and is home to many fish. With its abundance of substantial caves, intriguing overhangs, and deep gutters along the spectacular rock face, the northeastern portion of the reef is undoubtedly the most significant area to dive. There is undoubtedly a lot to see at this dive site, from the coral reef wall to the numerous fish and sea life species present.

Our divemaster team, especially Mr Dharshana Jayawardhana and Mr Nipun Samintha, the team's powerful duo, received all of their training here in Sri Lanka, so they are familiar with the dive locations on the island and are aware of our standards for excellent client service.

Some of the most seasoned scuba instructors in the area make up our instructor team, and they'll make sure your first diving experience in Sri Lanka is an adventure you won't want to forget with the instructions they are uploading on this platform, well-informed with their own experiences.

Being experts in freediving, technical diving, instructor development, and commercial underwater photography and videography makes us one of the few online dive advice centres in Sri Lanka.
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why We Are Here

We've been here for over ten years and like showing off our excellent island lifestyle to as many people as possible. You can do it all with Goodtime, whether you want to dive or snorkel anywhere in the island paradise. As a full-service SCUBA School in Sri Lanka, Dive Sri Lanka provides all levels of instruction, from beginner to instructor.

Sri Lanka is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, welcoming over a million visitors annually. It's like without saying that many people come here for the beautiful beaches. It offers kilometres of tropical beaches, thrilling cultural encounters, and fantastic marine and reef life for underwater enthusiasts, with its location in the centre of South Asia.

You are in the proper location. You've located the top diving advice centre in Sri Lanka. At Dive Sri Lanka, we offer some of Southeast Asia's most skilled SCUBA instructors and divemasters. We have everything you require for a holiday and SCUBA diving. Whether you are a newcomer to SCUBA, have completed thousands of dives, or are simply looking for a pleasant experience, the locations we recommend here on our website will ensure you are planning the perfect dive experience at the proper season in the right place.

These locations range from natural coral reefs to rocky terrain that has been carried away by currents.

We are, the Dive Sri Lanka official, here to provide you with all the requirements that you need to go with your diving dream. Diving is not a simple thing. You should know about health facts, behaviour inside the ocean, food patterns, breathing patterns, how to wear the diving kits, and safety. We make sure safety is the number one to protect your life.

Diving can be part of your life with proper instructions and guidance. Our team provides you with the necessary information to ensure your experience goes smoothly without any hitches. We have connected with the Sri Lanka diving authority to grant you that you can dive in the ocean.

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As a dive instruction website, we are dedicated to educating and motivating the following generation of divers. Our goal is to develop secure, environmentally aware divers who value the waters and enjoy the exploration, adventure, and travel opportunities that diving in Sri Lanka offers.

This website offers much different information, ranging from entry-level to professional. Through our activities as role models and a common goal of learning and contributing to the answer for maintaining and protecting our ocean planet, we show our dedication to your achievement.

Our diving courses, experiences, and educational programs align with and encourage the best conservation and environmental practices while concentrating our instruction on you.

• In our individualized service, we take great delight
• All of our instructors are highly skilled, competent, and entertaining
• We take pride in being the best and only website to offer Sri Lankan diving experience to the world
• Since our divers are likewise qualified, all the information we post on this website is fact-checked and accurate

The beautiful granite that makes up Sri Lanka's variegated topography is ideal for complementing your diving experiences on one of the many sites in Sri Lanka. We offer a variety of information and stories in diving opportunities, from the seaside, where you can watch fish swim among the corals below to mountain top complexes to inland diving sites where caves and other structures guard the site's beauty.

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