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Dive the Basses

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(This is an Extract from our article which appeared in the Sri Lankan airlines in-fliht magainze Serendib in March/April 2008 )

In the vast expanses of the mighty Indian Ocean, about ten kilometers away from the south east of Sri Lanka, there exists a place of great mysticism & romance. A place shrouded with a sense of wonder, adventure and perhaps even trepidation. Here, cursed souls have crossed over to the after world, whilst a lucky few have discovered treasure in silver or in the bounty of nature's generosity and beauty.

Spanning almost Forty Kilometers and being the last frontier for an island against the merciless forces of a massive ocean which only ends at the frigid wastelands of Antarctica, this is the magnificent Basses Ridge, the great barrier reef of Sri Lanka .

For the intrepid SCUBA diver, this is a rare glimpse into an underwater paradise and adventure diving in its finest form. Few sounds in life are more evocative than the reverberating boom created by a massive wave crashing over the Basses Ridge. Few experiences in life are more violent than being sloshed in the surge under the cloudy form of a wave break while diving beside the ridge. Few sights in life are more beautiful than the underwater formations carved into limestone and the rich marine reef life that greets the eye.

Basses. It is one of those few places in life where you feel alive.

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