Dive the Prince Hienrich Patch (www.DiveSriLanka.com)
A boulder city in the backdrop of deep blue
By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth: 20 Meters

This is indeed a place fit for a prince. Known as the Prince Heinrichs Patch (PHP) in the maritime charts of Sri Lanka this dive site is situated just South East of Weligama Bay area. It is a fantastic rock scape of interesting shapes harboring even more interesting and sometimes stunning marine life! Mantas are seen now and then against the deep blue and also large rays. Pancake, as affectionately known by the dive community there, is one extremely large Bull Ray (Marble Ray) inhabiting the patch. It can be approached very closely and maintains a sense of imperious dignity in the face of curious glances. The site is inundated with Giant Morays, Yellow Margin Morays and Honeycomb Moray Eels. You will also find a small anchor encrusted against the rocks. It seems to be of colonial origin, a smaller version of the anchor we found at Galu Gala off the Galle Harbor.

Without doubt Prince Heinrichs Patch is one of the best dives in the Weligama area.

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Photo Credits: (c) www.DiveSriLanka.com - 27th of January 2008