Dive the Barracuda point

A small island called Sri Lanka lies just beyond India's southernmost point. It is not surprising that the island is considered one of the best places for diving, given its almost 1600 km of coastline.

Sri Lanka is teeming with unusual marine life as so many coastlines, and beaches remain undeveloped, from tiny colourful fish to giant blue whales. In the past, Sri Lanka was a major trading centre along the Silk Road. Shipwrecks are, therefore, quite common in the waters around the island.

Year-round, Sri Lanka's waters are delightfully warm (average 27 degrees Celsius). Therefore, you don't need unique swimwear unless you intend to venture deeper into the sea. The best diving season is from October to May in the west and south-west of the country, while the best diving season on the north-east coast is from May to October.

Negombo is 15 kilometres from the international airport. Barracuda Point, where, unsurprisingly, vast groups of Barracuda can be found, is one of the reasons Negombo is so well known. As in Colombo, Negombo's waterways are also home to shipwrecks in addition to Barracuda Point.

From the heart of Negombo, after a 30 minutes boat trip, you can reach this unique dive site with a 15M depth. You can check out two famous wrecks in the Barracuda point, namely the most notable, the 112-meter-long Chief Dragon and a 1945 aircraft carrier. Once again, these are great spots filled with predatory yet colour-filled cardinalfish, lionfish, starfish, stingrays, and the occasional grouper.

Come and visit the Barracuda point diving site in Negombo. You can enjoy the beautiful ocean in the heart of Sri Lanka's extensive coastline.

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