Dive the Dive Barracuda Reef - Mid Point

Sri Lanka, as you are well aware, is an incredible diving destination tucked away in the tropical turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean, with over 1500 kilometers of palm-fringed coastal line filled with brown sandy beaches. It has a wide range of excellent diving spots to explore, including shipwrecks and reefs, and local divers are still on the hunt for new diving locations for all scuba diving enthusiasts. And now that you are here, we assume you are one too!

After all, what could be more exciting than exploring a new underwater life full to the brim with old shipwrecks and beautiful coral reefs inhabited with exotic marine life?

Colombo has more of it than any diving spot in Sri Lanka, with shipwrecks ranging from WWII naval vessels to one ship that went down in the Indian Ocean in 2009. However, out of all Colombo’s diving spots, the most famous is the Barracuda Reef, located just outside of Colombo in Mount Lavinia.

The Barracuda Reef Mid-Point is located just 2 kilometers north of the Barracuda Reef and is a lesser-known but equally wonderful diving spot.

The reef top at Barracuda Reef Mid-Point is approximately 20 meters with a maximum depth of roughly 24 meters.

Now, if you are beginning to wonder why you should do scuba diving here as well, there are a few reasons.

  • Every time you enter the Barracuda Reef Mid-Point, you’ll realize there will always be something new to discover because no two diving expeditions are alike.
  • It has a flattened rock terrain that is an ideal home for all those Nudibranchs, also known as sea slugs.
  • Nudibranchs are multicolored soft-bodied mollusks that appear innocent, but they have several tricks that enable them to sneak up on more giant marine creatures such as sea anemones.
  • You may even get to see these Nudibranchs in action when you are here!
  • There are approximately 2000 Nudibranch species in the world. However, five species of Nudibranchs have been reported to be seen here, which is a bonus again for the waters of such a tiny island.

In addition to Nudibranchs, you can also find many other fish varieties commonly seen in the Barracuda Reef – Mid Point. Including;

  • Octopus,
  • Lionfish,
  • Small Rock Groupers
  • Fusiliers
  • Barracudas
  • Rabbitfish
  • Snappers
  • Pufferfish Lionfish
  • Panther
  • Torpedo Rays
  • And Honeycomb Moray Eels
  • Pipefish and various species of Shrimps

Even though this diving spot is lesser-known to many, life is thriving here, adding many colors to the flat terrain. Various types and colors of soft corals and crinoid species such as the Saw Toothed Feather stars are regular in these Sandstone / Limestone based environments.

December to February are perfect for diving at the Barracuda Reef Mid-Point because this season provides the best visibility for Nudibranchs and other marine life. If you’re looking forward to a once-in-a-lifetime diving experience here at Barracuda Reef Mid Point, contact The Colombo Divers Diving Centre for a guaranteed extraordinary experience.

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