Dive the Thanthirigala

visit Thanthirigala Negombo. Feel the elegance of real nature.

Sri Lanka is undoubtedly a place like no other, where the best kind of beauty stands ready for hours of feasting on the eyes. The island nation surrounded by the Indian Ocean offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the delights. Given the abundance of treats gently tucked away in this quaint town, Negombo is one of the nation's most well-known beach towns and is visited by countless tourists worldwide. Divers worldwide are invited to enjoy the warmth of Negombo's waters and observe the gracious attraction of the species that inhabit these fascinating depths. Negombo's beaches are thoroughly explored from December to April, and there are various diving opportunities for divers of all experience levels.

If scuba diving is your destination, the "Thanthirigala," known for attracting divers and having a beach of alluring white sand, is not to be missed. Those who delve deep into the Thanthirigala will find a wealth of charms and wonders. Divers can enjoy breathtaking views of the wealthiest and most numerous marine life. You will be greeted by schools of fish and amazed by the incredible sight that will undoubtedly make you gasp.

Thanthirigala is the typical macro haven among Negombo dive sites, consisting of two parallel reefs on a sandy plain. Millions of bait fish encircle the location, and young Cardinalfish hovering over the reef can reduce visibility at certain times. On rare occasions, game fish like Wahoo can be seen consuming the bait fish, creating an exciting predator-prey dynamic. Additionally abundant are little groupers and moray eels, which are unique to this destination. Numerous Moray species can be seen, including the Honeycomb or Reticulated Moray that is frequent at dive locations in Negombo. The outer slopes of coral reefs, ledges, seagrass beds, and caves are preferred habitats for honeycomb moray eels. They seek refuge in deep cracks throughout the day.

The quick Blue Lined Grouper (also known as the Biernacki grouper or blue line sea bass) with stunning dark blue bodies, which darts around searching for the countless young Cardinalfish, is the most frequently seen grouper. Pufferfish, Boxfish, Lionfish, Scorpionfish, and occasionally a pair of Cuttlefish are among the other inhabitants. They flutter about while staring at the divers with magnetic intensity. The twin rock reefs of Thanthirigala are a wonderful place in this location. The beauty which has hidden on these twin rocks is speechless. Seeing coral reefs are beautiful. But these twin rock coral reefs have unique features which words cannot express. It beautifies Thanthirigala.

The Indo-Pacific Ocean, the Western and Eastern Atlantic Oceans, and tropical coral reefs are where Hawkfish are born. They are a species of saltwater fish with vivid colors that include white, red, yellow, orange, brown, and black. And you may watch the dancing movements of Hawkfish if you visit thanthirigala. It's beautiful how its colors have shaded in its. They are a favorite among marine aquarium hobbyists because of their giant heads and elongated, thick body and are resilient species that are incredibly resistant to disease and can thrive in various aquarium environments. They exploit the coral reef to ambush prey with a sudden burst of speed and a wide open mouth while protecting themselves from larger predatory animals.

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