Dive the Third Reef

Do you want to go diving in Sri Lanka, where there are many marine creatures?Third Reef is yet another excellent diving spot in Negombo, only 22 kilometers away in the bright blue calm sea waters as far as the eye can see. It is also Negombo's most distant diving location.

You name a fish species, and chances are you'll see it while visiting Third Reef.It is also one such spectacular place to begin your sea adventures in Sri Lanka because it is located in Negombo, the very first place that any tourist wishes to visit in Sri Lanka. However, it cannot be explored throughout the year; only from December to April and is suitable for divers of varying abilities. That means it does not matter whether you are new to diving or experienced; the Third Reef will always welcome you!

The Third Reef is about 15-20 meters deep. Despite this fact, the visibility is excellent on a calm day. The bottom of the ocean, about 20 meters below, can be seen clearly from the boat. So, compared to other diving sites in Sri Lanka, it has one of the highest visibilities.The Third Reef is home to exquisite coral reefs and brightly colored fish like Butterflyfish, Angelfish, Clownfish (among sea anemones), and Yellow Snappers.

There is a lot of butterflyfish around. Threadfin Butterflyfish and Vagabond Butterflyfish are the most common.You can also see various ray species when you visit the Third Reef. There are also Marble rays, the biggest you could see in the area.Marble Rays have a nearly circular disc-shaped body with black patterns and a longer tail. They are not typically aggressive animals. However, if you see one, do not swim above it. Otherwise, they will mistake you for a predator, whip their tails at you, and possibly sting you, which could be fatal.

Moray eel species commonly seen in the Third Reef are Honeycomb Moray eels or leopard eels.They have a similar appearance to leopard skin with a lighter body and black honeycomb markings. Dolphin sightings are also reported, seen to be playing and jumping up and above the waters. So, don't forget to bring your diving camera gear because there will be plenty of photographic opportunities!

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